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S.O W. Music ( Songs Of Wisdom)

Donald Robinson is focused on making an impact to bring positive, inspirational, motivational, and music of integrity back to the music of today.  You can help by donating to this cause, by doing so you are helping to spread love throughout the world.  Your donations would be used for recording, musicians, vocalist, mixing and mastering fees. As well as promotion and marketing for this cause.  You will receive free of charge a ticket for a concert or a recording of the product.

S.O.W. is serious about giving you the best service we can provide. If you would like to be a part of S.O.W. by providing a tax-deductible donation, it would be greatly appreciated. Your donation will help the cause of bringing love, peace, wisdom, inspiration, and positivity back to our music. You'll be giving to those in need. e.g., food for the homeless, instruments for children, a free music workshop for talented musicians who can't afford to learn about the music business and many more examples. Please give back; a little can go a long way.

Donald Robinson