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M.V.R.P. ( Music, Video, Recording Package) This is the best and most affordable package for any indie artist looking to get their project professionally completed with a well-respected Grammy-Nominated and seasoned record producer. The M.V.R.P. is focused on artists who want a professional sound at an affordable rate. This package is mostly tailored for the genre of R&B, Jazz, Gospel and some pop music, as well as other live - music genres. We work with professional studio musicians, recording studios and videographers to make sure you receive the highest quality of sound. One of the best features of this package is that the turn around time to your project is relatively short in most cases 2 weeks, this includes mixing and mastering. There are two types of payments: Fixed payment - a one time fee of $550. Subscription payment - of $750 @ 3 payments of $250 ( 2 payments will be needed up-front before recording start date and no tracks can be released until last payment is paid in full). Extra Bonus! Get your Fixed Payment M.V.R.P. today and receive one hour of music consultation on how to market and promote your package after it's completed. This offer is only for the first 5 indie artists so sign up today! You don't want to miss this awesome opportunity!

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Music Consultant Services

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December 2019 Sale Price!! Need Help preparing for the new year!! Grammy Nominated Producer, songwriter and musician Donald Robinson will be offering 1-hour music consulting service session for anyone who needs help in putting together a successful blueprint to jump- start your music career in 2020! Learn how to succeed in the music business. These one-on-one consultant sessions (either in person or online) will save you time and money with a step by step strategy. Start today!!

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Piano or Flute  Lessons
  • Piano or Flute  Lessons
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Want to learn how to play piano from a Grammy-nominated producer? Well here's your chance! A full month of piano lessons, once a week for $125!! Or if you want to do it weekly, the price is $45 an hour.

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